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Blair “The Flair” Cobbs is an undefeated, diverse, and promising prospect for the welterweight division of boxing.Blair Cobbs is the NABF Junior Welterweight champion. Cobbs stands at 5’11” and has a rigorous southpaw stance that shouldn't be taken lightly by any means.

Fighter Stats

Height: 5'11"
Birthdate: December 30, 1989
Age: 33
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Hometown: Philadelphia, PA
Stance: Orthodox
Blair Cobbs KO's Steve Villalobos

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Fighter Biography

Blair “The Flair” Cobbs is an undefeated, diverse, and promising prospect for the welterweight division of boxing.Blair Cobbs is the NABF Junior Welterweight champion.Cobbs stands at 5’11” and has a rigorous southpaw stance that shouldn’t be taken lightly by any means.The life of Blair Cobb’s did not always appear so willful and promising.

His journey has been filled with countless hardships as he endured a distressful, grim, and poverty-ridden youth before rising into the resilient person he is today.Blair Cobbs was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on December 30, 1989.Blair’s mother eventually decided to move from Philadelphia to Salt Lake City, Utah.Shortly after their time in Utah, he was uprooted once again to move to Los Angeles, California, where he lived for a couple years before moving again.

Misfortune and instability became commonplace for Blair.He found himself rootless as he was relocated from city to city with his mother, who passed away when Blair was only 11 years old.Shortly after his mother’s passing Blair lost the only other source of reliability and security that he knew – his paternal grandmother.Blair was then put into the care of his father who was mostly preoccupied with other activities, instead of his son.

Blair and his father moved to Guadalajara, Mexico.There Blair found himself living as a fugitive to make money.One particular day in Guadalajara, Blair let his curiosity get the best of him and ventured into a local boxing gym.The gym was not the most aesthetically pleasing or even up to date, but Blair decided to give boxing a try and tightly wrapped his bare knuckles to spar with his first opponent.

Blair got the wind beat out of him, but was determined to give it another try.His persistence brought him back to the gym the next day, and the day after.In just two weeks of intense training and sparring, Blair had improved his skills and abilities enough to enter the ring for an actual round-for-round match.Despite it being Blair’s first amateur fight, he delivered a show with the charisma and technical efforts of a professional boxer.

That fight would be the start of many knockout drag out battles that Blair would put on – and win.At 18 years old, Cobbs realizes his passion and departs Mexico to start a new life in New York where he began developing his future in the sport of boxing.From New York, Cobbs moves back to Philadelphia where the streets prove challenging for the young adult chasing his dream.After some time, Cobbs decides that moving to Las Vegas, Nevada would be his best shot for advancing his boxing career.

So far Las Vegas has been worthwhile for Blair Cobbs as his boxing career has been thriving since moving to the bright city.Cobbs prides himself on being unpredictable, fast, and strong in the ring.His personality and mindset shift energetically as soon as he puts the boxing gloves on for a fight.It is at this point when Blair transforms into his alter ego – “The Flair.

” It was American boxing trainer, Naazim Richardson who gave Cobbs his nickname, “The Flair”, after witnessing Cobb’s calculative techniques and sheer power.Richardson has trained many athletes in his time such as, “Sugar” Shane Mosely and Bernard Hopkins.When talking with Cobbs it is apparent that this boxer is quite distinct in how humble, down to earth, and environmentally conscious he is.He values family, himself, and humanity.

One hobby outside of boxing includes playing the guitar.The athlete laughs about getting a band together and rocking out one day.Cobbs also enjoys spending time at Mount Charleston and Red Rock National Park.Prior to his fights, Cobbs has a routine that consists of meditation, mantras, and visualizations.

To de-stress, he turns to tea, coffee, sleep, or music.For inspiration, Cobbs looks to Muhammad Ali, Bruce Lee, Bob Marley and Alan Watts.When asked what boxing means to him, Cobbs pauses intensely and remarks on the diversity of the sport, the unity and togetherness that boxing creates, and the courage it takes to get into the ring.Cobbs recently earned his 13th career win in August of 2019 against Steve Villalobos in Indio California.

Cobbs first took home the title for Jr.NABF Welterweight in March of 2019 against boxer Ferdinand Kerobyan.Blair was awarded the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame prospect of the year for 2018.Blair’s last three fights of 2019 have arguably been the most prominent fights of the year in boxing.

Blair Cobbs is looking forward to defending his NABF welterweight title in his next fight and promises to continue to entertain his viewers with his skill, dedication, and craft.Website: ttps://

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